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Saudi Arabia

Our Chapter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in August 2016, alongside the launch of the National Transformation Programme and Vision 2030. The Chapter is working closely with the Exchange and CMA to support opening of the market to international investors, as well as Saudi Arabia's reclassification to Emerging Market status on MSCI and FTSE.


The Chapter is chaired by Walid Al Hakim, Ma'aden.

The founding companies are: Almarai, Ma'aden, Sipchem, Zain KSA and the Tadawul Exchange.

The Saudi Chapter is founded by the following members, each volunteering for at least one area of key responsibility, or ‘pillar’ in line with MEIRA structure:

  • Walid Al Hakim, Ma'aden: Founding Member & Chairman; Head of Membership & Network
  • Salman Al Hawawi, Almarai: Founding & Board Member; Head of Professional Development
  • Faisal Al Modlij, Sipchem: Founding & Board Member; Head of Communications & PR
  • Rayan Al Karawi, Zain KSA: Founding & Board Member; Head of Chapter Development
  • Samantha Al Khalaf, Instinctif: Board Secretary & Treasurer

For more information about the Association’s activities in Saudi Arabia please contact Alex MacDonald-Vitale: